Defining The Moment

Here we are stepping out in the spotlights of the blogosphere . . . a trusty band of Appreciative Inquiry consultants. Some might call this a “defining moment” . . . which seems a comfortable term for me but at the same time is fraught with a serious level of ambiguity.

People see all kinds of events as “defining” or so I found with the help of Google. The Washington Post usually conjures up several each week coming out of the White House or Capitol Hill. (There is a level of importance to what goes on there, but . . .) Diversity and Learning (good topics) is where the American Association of Colleges and Universities is putting their stake in the ground in DC week after next, dubbing their intersection a Defining Moment. Then, there’s the software industry, the courts, and TV shows which are also coming to critical crossroads.

So, you’re wondering at this point, what Defining Moment does the launch of Appreciative Inquiry Annotations provide? For whom? How? My take is that, in surfacing our current ideas and work with Appreciative Inquiry, we are “in the moment”, giving the world the status of this dynamic and evolving worldview and approach. At the same time, we are at our own pivotal point as co-owners of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting as a consequence of moving our conversation out into the global community with the help of Web2.0 technology. This is not about a few daring or (heaven help us) arrogant cognoscenti putting out their own take on Appreciative Inquiry for anyone to consume whole and undigested. This is more “Talk amongst yourselves” than “Listen to me”. What you will find here several times each week are the appetizers to get your juices flowing. And we’re looking forward to the main courses you order up by clicking on the comments button to bring it on!


One Response to Defining The Moment

  1. Astha says:

    Welcome to the Blogosphere! It would be great to tune in to conversations around the art of appreciative enquiry. Looking forward to more posts on this blog.


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