The un-Boundaries of Discovery

Tom MunneckeAttending Tom Munnecke’s Uplift Academy work session in New York City last week was inspiring to say the least.  Dubbed “New Media and Infectious Good”, the conclave brought together social program developers, artists, clergy, video producers, consultants, researchers, communications experts and technology types.  Most impressive among those in attendance were Gavin White – CEO of Video Volunteers , Christine Millen – Co-Founder of The Transition Network who was recently named a Fellow in the Purpose Prize competition, and Ethan Zohn – winner of the Survivor: Africa and Co-Founder of Grassroot Soccer

The tagline of Uplift Academy is “Using the Net to discover what’s working and how to do more of it.”    It made me wonder about what would happen if the positive question was not only answered in words.  What would happen if stories were shown as video clips (caught on cell phones?) or sketches, or shared as song, or expressed in dance?  How would that impact the mind and emotions of the storyteller?  Would there be new insights?  Less constraint?  More transparency?  And how would this be received by others who listen/watch/take in the story? Ethan Zohn

A couple of snapshots of the Uplift Academy for you . . .


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