Stealth Appreciative Inquiry: Building AI Scaffolding

Stealth –the act or action of proceeding furtively, secretly, or imperceptibly
Stealthy- slow, deliberate and secret in action or character 2. intended to escape observation
Scaffold- a temporary or movable platform for workers
Scaffolding –a system of scaffolds; also material for scaffolds

Stealth AI-How often I hear this term used in conversation’s about appreciative inquiry. Wow, what exactly does it mean to be doing stealth appreciative inquiry.  I often integrate my work with appreciative inquiry. My concern is if everything I do is stealth, will the world understand that I am doing appreciative inquiry. What if I refer to it as leadership development or strategic planning? 

My work goals are simple: engagement, authenticity, common ground, focus, learning, a vehicle to value each person’s contribution and human connection to move a team and /or organization to a vision, a purpose, a plan, and /or a desired success.  My designs to work with an organization are deliberate and I use many tools that socially construct a new reality.

Lonnie Weis referred to “Appreciative Inquiry Scaffolding” in her presentation in January 2006. This phrase has stayed with me since I first heard it. I agree that sometimes my ways are stealthy yet more important is my ability to build appreciative inquiry scaffolding in an organization or in a team. “Stealth or explicitly labeled Appreciative Inquiry” if I stay true to the AI principles of constructionist, simultaneity, poetic, anticipatory, positive,narrative  and free choice then I stay true to my values in working with clients, teams and organizations. My greatest success is when an organization I have worked with has embedded appreciative inquiry scaffolding in the organizaiton and is using the AI principles to  manage and lead day to day.


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