BAWB: Business & Management Address Triple Bottom Line


Starting on Monday, I will be focusing my attention on Case Western Reserve University and the BAWB Global Forum. In a series of postings, I will consider the goings on of that inspiring gathering. The organizers tell us:

Businesses increasingly realize that corporate citizenship is not a peripheral activity but rather a core element of their business strategy. Global corporate citizenship is the future of business. Business leaders and scholars who attend this Forum are not people who need to be sold on the business case. Many, however, have more questions than answers. They want to learn how corporate citizenship can be leveraged strategically in their business.

Therefore the Forum will seek to (1) answer some of those questions and (2) more importantly create learning laboratories and action groups around the questions so that follow-up work after the Forum can be done to continuously answer those questions. The main reason scholars and business practitioners are coming together in this unique Forum is to combine the strengths of each sector to create a living, learning action network. BAWB Forum Overview

Bringing together multiple focal points came into business use with Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard. Rather than just look at the traditional bottom line, they charged companies with finding a more holistic measure of strategic business success — by adding aspects such as customer satisfaction, learning, technology, and employee performance to the metrics. In what has become know as the Triple Bottom Line, corporate responsibility extends to “People, Planet, Profit”. And so David Cooperrider has brought together his own Case Weatherhead School of Management, The Academy of Management, and The United Nations Global Compact to lead this Global Forum.

You can register for and participate in the October 23 – 25 BAWB Virtual Forum. And stay tuned here as I share my birds-eye view of the online proceedings.


3 Responses to BAWB: Business & Management Address Triple Bottom Line

  1. Keith Cox says:

    Hi everyone,

    Keith here from Cleveland and I will be attending the BAWB Global Forum in person and virtually this week at Case Western Reserve University and I am extremely excited. As mentioned above, this should be a groundbreaking event that will continue to successfully build on the momentum of past BAWB events.

    As much as possible I will try to get back here to give you (post) my impressions and share some of the learning and generative thinking that is occuring.

    All the best!

  2. Loretta,

    I’m one of the producers of the BAWB Global Virtual Forum. It’s so great to see you blogging the event. Enjoy the experience … We’ll see you online.

    Jonathan Finkelstein
    Executive Producer

  3. Tina says:

    Loretta and Keith,

    Since I won’t be able to make the time to travel to Cleveland or to participate virtually, I’ll be reading the blog with great interest!

    Thanks for sharing the wealth,

    Case MPOD 2006

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