BAWB: Much Is At Stake

David Cooperrider kicks off the conference this largest world-wide event of its kind. Over 1000 people in total are participating in person and online. He reminds us that the work of BAWB is important because of what is at stake for socieity.

David recalls what Peter Drucker said to him just a year ago when he shared the BAWB concept:

1. management is a matter of world affairs

2. every pressing social and global issue of our time is a business opportunity

3. this is the time for management research and practice to come together for world benefit

David tells us that questions are many, the tools and implications are evolving . . . What is the “sweet spot” of sustainable value? What happens to those (schools, businesses) who don’t see it?

The inspiration for this conference came from the 2004 United Nations Global Compact. David shares a video clip featuring Kofi Anaan and participants of that event sharing their views of the compelling need for common interests among buiness, government and NGOs to drive new models.

Georg Kell, Executive Head, UN Global Compact conveys Kofi Anaan’s greetings. The UN is calling for institutional innovation and reform. The Global Compact has already made global markets more sustainable. The academic community can provide the underpinnings for change from research, can teach, can advance the agenda for this important issue.


One Response to BAWB: Much Is At Stake

  1. Tina says:

    “Every pressing social and global issue of our time is a business opportunity.”

    If educators and businesspeople take only this one thing away from the conference, imagine how business might change the world for the better!


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