AI: Wheaties for Your Organizational Culture

I found a really interesting exchange about that complex and compelling topic – organizational culture – onGold Medal Team Deborah Elizabeth Finn’s blog Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector.  What a great title for a posting . . . Organizational culture eats strategy for breakfast  . However, it’s the comments from her readers where the rich porridge of the myths and understanding is stirred.

One comment which resonates with me is Jonathan Peizer’s  that culture reflects the psychological state of being of an organization — which after all is a living organism representing the psyche’s and labor of all its staff and extended family of interns, consultant’s fellows etc…”  

So I am compelled to think:  If organizational culture eats strategy for breakfast, the building blocks of that culture comes from what it ingests . . . you know ‘you are what you eat’. So when we choose a new diet of AI – a ‘Breakfast of Champions’ is the bonus that it fosters creating strength of psyche from the inside out? 

Take a look at the exchange – it’s sure to get you thinking too.


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