Nexus . . . of technology

Before the conference kicks off this afternoon, some of us have gathered to mess around with the technology tools and their place in the change management process.  There is such a wide range of backgrounds in the group, that it makes you wonder what we have in common.  And some creative tensions ensue.  Some of what we want to explore includes:

  • Wikis and the processes for building them as workspaces
  • An array of templates from which the methods of change could operate online
  • Collaboration support
  • New ways of addressing issues
  • Getting the attention and buy-in of the movers and shakers

The passion of the group converges on bridging the networks of high-end technology users and non-users.  Thera are differences in communication (language that we use) and competencies (tools we use and skills we use) among these populations.  At the same time, we are focused on shaping the technical background to the context and intention of the work at hand.   One consideration is the place of the technology within the flow of process . . . . before, during and after . . . and as an concurrent to F2F, between F2F, or as the sole media for collaboration and collective participation.


One Response to Nexus . . . of technology

  1. When there are such important differences in language and competencies, then it makes a focus on the user experience even more important. Change does not happen if the technology is not used and the technology won’t be used if it is not usable. There are many user-centered design (UCD) methods which help us design for quality user experiences with the technology. Probably not a surprise, but these user-centered design methods are also methods of change themselves (most organizations are changed during the UCD process, as they understand what their users / customers / audiences need, they change to deliver it better). So I see change management and usable technology very intertwined. See you at N4C – I leave in about 15 minutes (a short drive for me).

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