Schoolyard Behavior on the Web: Stop Cyberbullying

I sometimes take the ability to speak my mind in this blog for granted. AI Annotations is about generative ideas and most of the folks who find their way here as readers and commenters are like-minded. If you lived in my town, we’d go down to Slave to the Grind and have a cappuccino and share our thoughts together. I’d feel safe with you . . . my intellectual and social community.

March 30 is Stop Cyberbullying Day. The idea for the day came from some pretty nasty attacks on Kathy Sierra, a prominent writer, blogger and educator. The generative response was launched by Andy Carvin who writes the Learning Now blog for PBS where you will find his comments.

It really takes my breath away to think that decent people can be stalked publicly in cyberspace. The outrage from the folks who responsibly blog has been vocal and strong. Some decided to be silent this week and not to blog in protest of the abuse that Kathy Sierra experienced. Others have shared legislative information so our laws could be stronger. I am using my voice here . . . as I think an appreciative view may be helpful to re-center the underlying truth.

And so, I ask of you: Can you think of a time when you used your ability to communicate when faced with abuse and hurtful intentions . . . and you were able to bring a more wholesome, respectful and generative voice to the conversation and turned it around? What did you do? What made it so exceptional?


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