Fierce Appreciative Inquiry Learning

We are on the cusp of three major events in which appreciative inquiry and it’s evolution, integration and long term impact in organization development and change will be explored. 

The first gathering is the Appreciative Inquiry Colloquy: July 27-30 in Bethel Maine. The dialogue is rich and intimate with peer to peer sharing. Many thought leaders from the AI and OD community will spend the weekend together to  explore the application of Appreciative Inquiry, SOAR and AI as a managment tool. To learn more and/or register go to:

The second gathering is August 3-9 during the Academy of Management, in Philadelphia. Loretta Donovan will be arranging  dinner for the AI community .  “A number of us are already registered to attend (and present at) the Academy of Management Conference that is coming up in Philadelphia from August 3 to 9.  It would be delightful to have a dinner with the AIC members and our friends.  The 2007 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management:  Doing Well By Doing Good  August 3-8, 2007

AOM 2007This year’s theme demonstrates how firms can be financially successful while at the same time trying to accomplish some positive social goals and make life better for their employees and the communities where they operate. This theme builds upon last year’s which linked management with the public concern, and is a logical extension of the New Vision for Management theme of the 2005 Honolulu conference.

The finale this year is the Third International AI  Conference  Power of Positive Change: Symphony of Strengths September 16-19 in Orlando Florida. David Cooperrider, Marcus Buckingham and Marty Seligman will be the keynote speakers. To learn more go to : Please use the discount code RPEI34 to register for this conference.

 I hope you will consider joining us.


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