A Medley of Expectations


I am filled with anticipation. It’s been 3 years since the AI community assembled in a major way. Tomorrow I head for Orlando, FL and the 2007 Appreciative Inquiry Conference: The Power of Positive Change. There are so many aspects of the conference that are igniting my imagination:

  • The expansion of generative approaches that has inspired collaborations with disciplines and ideas which share so much with AI
  • The new stories and cases that come from many sectors and corners of the world
  • The friends and colleagues, old ones I see too infrequently and newer ones who have forged online and phone relationships – what a lovely way to finally get together

Today there was a flurry of last minute details to take care of. I’m heaving a sigh of relief now that the handouts for the session I will give with Jack Ricchiuto are printed and the slides are all fine tuned. I’ve got some bells (Tibetan) and some color and a very engaging plan for Vital Networks:Engaging the Enterprise in Sustainable, Strengths-Based Design, which we are delivering on Monday afternoon. (more about that on Monday)

Some special equipment is in my luggage too. Extra batteries are packed for my digital camera, and a new Flip Video camcorder is ready. Those will be bringing images of the conference to you on this blog. There are hundreds of people who will be at the conference, and thousands who will be with us in spirit from around the world. Roberta Peirick, who will be blogging with me, and I hope to bridge that divide for you.

Stay tuned!


3 Responses to A Medley of Expectations

  1. Count me as one who is with you in spirit!

  2. Ralph Kelly says:

    I’m looking forward to your comments, photos and videos. Get a couple of Jane for me. Thanks for being there and passing the information along! I’m finished with work for today (the big mower broke and I’m waiting for the part) and it’s now time for a sit at the pier with a wine and a rod as I catch my dinner.

    I’ll tune in later this night!

  3. Ralph,
    Watch out hollywood. Loretta and I are flipping out over our flip video cameras. Miss you Hope your wine is red….

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