Marcus Buckingham Gets Us Focused on Strengths

Author of First Break All the Rules, and Now Discover Your Strengths, Marcus Buckingham has lots to say about how we perceive and deal with the strenghts and weakenesses we believe we possess. Here’s a question to get your interest:
 Raise your hand if you have a sibling; think of them – characteristics and traits.  Buckingham’s memory of his brother and sister was that he recognized their different strengths and weaknesses,  and how aware he was of this early in life; beyond obvious differences, were the subtle ones. He knew he was not the same as they were.

 SLIDE : Build on your strengths and manage around your weaknesses

 Proof of this principle: organizations ask him to study their best <whatever> and he discovers  there is range where there shouldn’t be range; there are great teams in not so great companies and not  so great teams in great companies; a high performing company is a collection of great teams

Some examples:

Based on local economic potential, retailer place stores; what’s going on appears to be improving overall, but when individual stores are graphed there is a scattergram of very broad range of performance;
  luxury car company believes that the quality of the dealership experience is key to success; top 10%
 factory with various shifts which commits to employee safety; top 10% of shifts on number of accidents had none; bottom 10% had 25.26 of recordable incidents

Researching this at Gallup, they found that 12 questions really got at what’s going on (are in First Break All the Rules) – most important question was “At work,do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?”

Some people are delusional about their strengths, while most others are accurate.

 SLIDE: In 2000 “Which do you think will help you be most successful?”
 People in US replied:
 41% Strengths; 59% weaknesses
We think good is the opposite of bad and study bad to get more good; our balance is all off


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