Soundbytes at the Third International AI Conference

September 20, 2007

Design resonated in many of the conversation and breakout sessions that I attended this year. Charlotte Dalsgaard in Denmark worked with Christian Binau Nielson to use AI for  Imaginative product design  for Oticon.  Dave Sherman and John Whalen shared their work with Walmart ,”Strength based  Organizational Change: A Walmart Case Study. Lee Scott  is engaging stakeholders and strength based change in his quest to make Walmart an environmentally sustainable company. You can view parts of  “Sustainability ”  a DVD that was used at . 

 Peter Coughlin with IDEO provide a playful keynote session in rapid  product protyping.

A designer at lunch was sharing her work with using AI to design a Cancer Wellness Center and garden.

It was wonderful to see artist, engineers, designers, R&D and marketing teams embracing AI as a design methodology.


Dancing in Design

June 22, 2007

Dancing in Design….. How I love design, the third D in the appreciative inquiry process. Much of the literature and case studies in AI focus on appreciative interviews , the principles of AI,  the scale of engagement(appreciative leadership, ai for teams, the ai summit) and more recent on sustainability.  The traditional4 D process of discovery, dream, design and destiny is the most  recognized framing for our work with AI.  As an  artist  and designer I love the possibilities of creating human energy in the design phase. I have experimented with Harris Owens” Open Space and Juanita Brown and David Isaacs’ World Cafe to lift communities into generative dialogues about design.  In my earlier years I utilzed the goose egg and Weisbords model for design… my practice evolves I use more emergent dialogue and tools where the stakeholders self organize.

 In my strategic work, I  am helping organizations move their vision, mission, values , goals to action. I have found the world cafe process to be a wonderful tool to take a snapshot of where the group is in implementing strategy.  The joy in watching a community reignite with energy on a strategy that was so fiercely identified in the previous phase of discovery and dream. 

As the AI facilitior,  I need to build the space and container for the group to move into generative design whether it be open space, world cafe, visual graphics or the traditional goose egg that Jane Watkins and Bernard Mohr have created. Time, energy, resources  and space are elements to consider when choreographing the dance of design.

I hope our next evolution of learning around appreciative inquiry is rich in design and destiny.